Scout’s honour!

Scout’s honour!

Young Townshipper Scouts attend World Scout Jamboree in South Korea


By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative


Young Townshipper Scout Xavier Francius attended the World Scout Jamboree Aug. 1-12 in South Korea. The Record interviewed Francius over the phone to get a play-by-play of his experience there.

How did Francius get involved with the Scouts in the first place?

“When [my family] moved to the Eastern Townships, my parents signed me up [to the Scouts],” Francius began. He started as a ‘Beaver’ in the younger section and has been a Scout ever since; this is his 10th year.

The Scouts in the U.S. have ranks while the Canadian Scouts have sections divided by age-group, Francius continued. One progresses up as one ages. Next year, Francius will be a ‘Venturer’ (ages 15-17). “The older you get, the more you plan,” he explained.

Francius is based out of the 1st Lennoxville Scout group, who meet at St. Antoine elementary school. There is a Scouts Canada property in Magog that they visit periodically, sometimes with other Scout groups, for activities, with cabins, boats, kayaks, canoes and more.

How did Francius get involved with the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea?

Francius personally raised the money he needed to attend the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea, and noted the large contributions made to his effort by some local organizations over the months he fundraised.

After attending a large Scout gathering in Chateauguay Valley, he “knew he wanted to do more of this”. His mother suggested that the World Scout Jamboree might be a good idea and was this year, so they signed him up. He got the word back shortly thereafter that he was able to go, weather permitting. He was joined by his friend and fellow Scout, Caleb Taylor.

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