Sculpt snow while you still can

By Gordon Lambie
Sculpt snow while you still can
(Photo : Claude Charron)

A small group of volunteers got together in Lennoxville’s Square Queen over the weekend to prepare 14 columns of snow for public carving.

According to Lennoxville Borough President Claude Charron, the columns are free for anyone who feels creative to come by and sculpt, although he encouraged people who are interested to come and do so quickly.
“I think we have until Wednesday” Charron said, noting that the warmer weather forecast later this week will likely put an end to the sculptures whether they are finished or not.

There were 14 columns created in total this year, up slightly from the dozen installed in the winter of 2021, and people who decide to participate are invited to share a picture of their creation on the Explore Lennox Facebook Page. As of Sunday afternoon, Charron said two of the 14 were already claimed.

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