Sébastien Jacques to lace up again for 50-day walk across Italy

By Michael Boriero
Sébastien Jacques to lace up again for 50-day  walk across Italy
Jacques during his Walk Across America in 2017 (Photo : Sébastien Jacques)

Five years removed from completing a dizzying 5,500-kilometre walk across part of Quebec and the United States of America, from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Santa Monica, California, Sébastien Jacques has decided to take on a new challenge: walking across Italy.
In 2015, Jacques, a former tennis star and Magog native, had a tumour excised from the middle of his brain. For years, he had been experiencing health issues. He was barely able to walk for more than 15 minutes per day. Doctors had told him to learn to live with the illness.
However, Jacques wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. He raised funds for a specialized brain surgery, flying out to Santa Monica for the delicate procedure. Nearly one month into his recovery, Jacques was already on a flight to Costa Rica, feeling back to his normal self.
After that, he ran off to Australia for a year, looking to disappear for a little while. On his return home, Jacques came up with the idea for a ‘walk for hope’ to inspire people struggling to persevere, whether it was physical, emotional, or mental. He set out on his walk in April 2017.
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