Second Migratory Roots Festival by Literacy in Action enriches the Townships

Second Migratory Roots Festival by Literacy in Action enriches the Townships

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English-speakers in the Townships will soon be regaled with stories of movement, migration, and belonging as Literacy in Action (LIA) prepares to launch its second Migratory Roots Festival. Scheduled from Oct. 26 to Nov. 12, the festival will take place in the Lennoxville, Eaton, and Massawippi valleys. Opening festivities and the first Artist Talk will be held at the Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre Oct. 26 at 5 p.m.

A press release states that the Migratory Roots Festival, organized by LIA, a prominent non-profit dedicated to English-speaking adults and their families, merges culture, creativity, and core literacy over a span of three weeks. Apart from showcasing personal narratives of Townships residents, the festival will highlight the works of artists-in-residence and community artworks crafted during the StoryMakers workshop series.

A holistic approach to education, the festival uses art as a medium to promote diverse literacy skills, from basic reading and communication to advanced creative abilities such as storytelling and imagination. The event goes beyond the conventional, introducing attendees to cultural literacy, helping them appreciate the traditions, activities, and history of a community. LIA’s initiative drives home the idea that individuals are active contributors to culture and can collaboratively shape their stories.

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