Self-taught 15-year-old codes and 3D prints award winning Iron Man hand

Self-taught 15-year-old codes and 3D prints award winning Iron Man hand

By Bird Bouchard


A local teenager has been selected to represent the Estrie team for the Provincial Super Science Expo for his work 3D printing, painting, coding and creating a robotic Iron Man project capable of detecting and imitating human hand gestures.

According to Mateo Jarquin, a 15-year-old from Sherbrooke, his passion has always been watching his ideas come to life.

Jarquin said he’ll often find himself building with Legos as it allows him to turn ideas in his head into reality. Over time, the young science and technology enthusiast wanted to take his ideas to the next level. After spending countless hours online researching the best ways to help prototype his ideas, he saved up his own money and purchased a 3D printer.

“With a 3D printer, I’m able to create anything I want. I’m able to prototype my ideas and bring to life awesome projects,” said Jarquin.

The acquisition of the 3D printer would be the beginning of an award-winning journey for the teenager.

Jarquin said his latest project ‘Need a hand with that?’ has been in the making for more than two months. The idea was inspired by a previous project of his – the Iron Man hand.

After spending countless hours teaching himself how to operate his 3D printer, Jarquin said he one day set out to create an Iron Man hand as part of a Halloween costume.

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