Senior’s Christmas card and basket project “an act of love”

By Mable Hastings, The Scoop
Senior’s Christmas card and basket  project “an act of love”
Monique Gilbert and Angelle Laplume-SAPA (Photo : Courtesy)

From Dec. 20 to the 22 Potton seniors were the recipients of beautiful handmade Christmas cards sent through the postal service and gift baskets delivered to their doors thanks to a subsidy received by the “Act of Love” organization in collaboration with the Missisquoi North Volunteer Centre Senior Services staff.
The mission of the Act of Love organization is to break the isolation for seniors and thanks to Danielle Poitras who is involved in the organization, the CABMN was called upon to assist in doing the project for seniors in Potton during the holiday season. Initially the idea was to do a Christmas Card distribution to seniors as a reminder that they are being thought about during the holidays and wished only the best for good health and abundant happiness.
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