Shakespeare in Stanstead

By Aiden Wilson, Special to The Record
Shakespeare in Stanstead
Amanda Kellock addressing the crowd in Stanstead’s Stone Circle Park (Photo : Aiden Wilson)

Shakespeare in the Park made its way to Stanstead’s Stone Circle Park this past weekend, putting on the newest show by Montreal’s Repercussion Theatre group.
The evening show took place among the stones with visitors lining the space along the stage in camp chairs brought out for the occasion. Accommodations for the show were provided in part by The Stanstead Arts Centre who were initially the ones who reached out to have the Montreal-based group perform.
Director Amanda Kellock said, “Gabriel Safdie was the one who reached out; I know he’s been waiting to get us out here for a few years. He’s known Shakespeare in the Park for a long time so he’s the one who convinced us and the town to present here.”
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