Sharing your pandemic experience

Submitted by Bury Historical Society

Our lives have been changed. Even if we have not become sick ourselves, or know someone who has, we have all been affected in numerous ways. Some major, some relatively minor.
The Bury Historical and Heritage Society has begun an initiative to encourage all citizens of our region to make a record of how they are being affected by the global Coronavirus pandemic.
What is your daily life like? How are you coping with not going to work or school? How are you safely keeping in touch with family and friends?
We would like to invite you to share with us how the pandemic is affecting your life. Contributions from people of all ages are most welcome.
Send us your stories, photographs, videos, audio recording, or anything that comes to mind to contribute to creating a realistic record of the momentous period of history that we are all currently living through.
For each person who has something they are willing to share for this project, a dedicated web-page will be created for your contribution that will remain on the Bury Historical and Heritage Website as a historical record for future generations.
Certain entries will be featured on the “Living History – COVID-19 Pandemic” project page.
Send your stories, photos, videos or audio recordings to:
John Mackley, Archivist SHPB-BHHS

Published in the April 24 edition of The Outlet.

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