Shazamfest enters the teen years

Shazamfest enters the teen years
Shazamfest co-founders Ziv Przytyk and Janet Sutherland were busy yesterday afternoon tying up loose ends and getting the volunteers organized for this weekend’s festivities. (Photo : Matthew McCully)

By Matthew McCully – “It’s an all-ages music and circus theatre festival that will be held in the great outdoors.”
That was the first description of Shazamfest, published in The Record on July 21, 2006, just weeks before the first festival took place.
Now in its 13th year, the original description of Shazamfest is still accurate, but barely scratches the surface of everything that gets jammed into a weekend at the unique Townships event, held on farmland on chemin Way’s Mills in Barnston West.
The first festival, founded and organized by Ziv Przytyk and longtime family friend Janet Sutherland, took place on August 19, 2006. They expected 500. They got around 400. See full story in the Friday, July 13 edition of The Record.

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