Shelters cleaned out as COVID-19 pandemic moves into second wave

By Reann Fournier, Special to The Record
Shelters cleaned out as COVID-19 pandemic moves into second wave
Walter, a shelter dog, was lucky enough to find a home 2 years ago (Photo : Matthew McCully)

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned just about everyone’s life upside down since March 2020. Daily routines began changing, many started working from home, and some people decided to add a furry family member to help fill their newfound extra time. Back during the first wave, adoption rates skyrocketed and, since then, shelters have had a hard time keeping stock.
Tamara Neely, the communication director for SPA Estrie, said that back in March, no one at the shelter was prepared for such a large-scale world event. “No one knew how long we would be closed or how to properly manage everything,” she said.
The adoption process for both dogs and cats has not been modified at SPA Estrie, the only change is that staff are asking the public to limit their visits to the shelter, instead checking online and calling ahead to book appointments to see the animals. “Right now, we often have cats come in and sometimes they’re adopted by that afternoon. Especially for dogs at the moment, since not so many are coming in, we ask that people check the website to make sure we have someone available before showing up.”

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