Sherbrooke bus company to eliminate “useless” schedules

By Gordon Lambie
Sherbrooke bus company to eliminate “useless” schedules
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

Some bus riders in Sherbrooke have recently remarked at the arrival of a new sticker on the “infobus” schedules of several bus stops, indicating that the information panel will soon be removed permenantly. Although the sticker encourages transit users to continue to consult schedules online or by phone, the decision has raised questions about the accessibility of a bus system with no posted schedules. The Record took those questions to Marc Denault, President of the société de transport de sherbrooke (STS), who explained that the bus company will be keeping schedules at its 865 busiest stops. A new agreement with Quebecor means that the company will soon be installing shelters with electronic displays of transit information. See full story in the Friday, September 14 edition of The Record.

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