Sherbrooke busses encouraging no-contact payment

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In the move to gradually increase services that were cut back by sanitary measures over the last two months the STS, Sherbrooke’s public transit company, is encouraging everyone to employ no-contact payment methods. According to a notice issued by the company on Thursday, boarding through the front door and collection of tickets will gradually resume in the coming weeks.
“The CNESST recommends avoiding the exchange of paper (payment in currency, transfers, or receipts) by favoring contactless validation,” explained Marc Denault, President of the STS, referring to the guidelines issued by Quebec’s workplace health and safety board. “This is why the STS will favor electronic payment methods, such as the smart card or electronic wallet.”
As of June 15, in order to follow the recommendation of the CNESST, the STS will be implementing a pilot project where it will no longer issue paper transfers to those paying with tokens or cash. Transfers lasting 90 minutes will remain available for those paying with the smart card.
“We want service to continue in the safest and healthiest conditions possible, which is why the drivers will no longer give transfers,” Denault added. “If the client plans a connection, he will have to obtain tickets which allow electronic correspondence.”
Recognizing that the change will disproportionately impact the people who rely on cash or tokens for occasional trips, the STS is offering its customers a smart card free of charge to those who wish to obtain one. People who have tokens can transfer them to this card. As of May 19, for an unspecified but limited period of time, the cards can be picked up by appointment at the STS headquarters at 895 Cabana Street.
The STS is also planning the launch of an “occasional rider” version of the card in the near future.
In addition to the new approach to payment, the bus company is strongly encouraging all riders to wear face coverings on board as it can be hard to maintain the recommended two metre distance from others at times. To facilitate this, the STS plans to make face-coverings available to its riders and employees.
In order to allow riders to enter by the front doors again, transparent screens will be installed around bus drivers. Once this system is in place, riders will be asked to enter the bus by the front door, and exit it by the rear in order to limit points of contact.
Current procedures of disinfection and cleaning will also continue throughout.
Those wishing to make an appointment to get a free transit pass can write an email to or call 819 564-2687.

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