Sherbrooke busses roll out new occasional rider card for contactless pay

Record Staff

In line with the recent announcement that they want to phase out cash transactions Sherbrooke’s public transit company, the STS, has announced the launch of its new rechargeable transit card “La Pratico.” For a limited period of time the card is being made available to transit users for free, although card-holders will still need to pay for the rides they plan to load onto the card.
At the moment the card is only available for pick-up at the main offices of the STS on Cabana Street by appointment or at the service centre in the Limocar station downtown from noon to 6 p.m., Monday to Saturday.
“The rechargeable Pratico is a contactless payment solution with 90-minute electronic transfer,” said STS President Marc Denault, pointing out that the movement away from physical money also involves the elimination of paper transfer slips. “We hope that the transportation service will continue under the safest and healthiest conditions possible in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We believe that these new payment habits will be appreciated by customers.”
Denault explained that the downtown service counter and the decision to give the cards away for free at first were both measures adopted in the name of increasing the accessibility of the new system for occasional transit users.
The project to eliminate paper transfers for those paying with cash or tokens takes effect June 15. Those currently in possession of tokens will be able to transfer them to the new electronic card.
As a part of the shift, the STS is also eliminating its current day pass in favour of a new 24-hour electronic ticket available through the La Pratico system.
The STS is also currently giving away its monthly pass card, La Vermeilleuse, for free, and has reduced the minimum amount in its “electronic wallet” system to $3.30, or the price of a single fare.
Throughout this process of revision, the established forms of payment remain consistent for users of the system’s adapted transport services.

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