Sherbrooke celebrates winter ­during record ­breaking ­heatwave

By Gordon Lambie
Sherbrooke celebrates winter ­during  record ­breaking ­heatwave

Sherbrooke’s 51st winter carnival went ahead this past weekend despite a bipolar confusion of summer and winter weather. Where Environment Canada noted that Sherbrooke was the hotspot across the country in the afternoon, The Weather Network claimed that the 18 degree breezes were the warmest on record for this region at this time of year.
Things were wet and muddy at the Carnival’s main daytime site, Jacques Cartier Park, on Saturday morning, but those who did turn out were treated to otherwise beautiful weather and short lineups for the various activities that required the festival’s paid passport. The mood of the day was generally positive, although some carnival goers noted that it was not clear which activities needed to be paid for and some of the groups running activities didn’t even seem to be sure.
While the daytime activities didn’t seem to have suffered greatly, the night time carnival on Wellington Street was a serious victim of circumstance. As of this writing carnival organizers had yet to present their report on this year’s events, but nearly vacant streets spoke to the concern locals felt over the evening’s forecasts of rain.
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