Sherbrooke crime rate down despite increases in certain areas

By Gordon Lambie

Sherbrooke’s annual police report for 2018 was presented to the city council on Monday night, highlighting a 4.61 per cent reduction in the overall crime rate despite the fact that crimes against the person, which include things like harassment, assault, threats, and murder, saw an increase. This puts the city’s crime rate at its lowest point in ten years. According to Police Chief Danny McConnell, crimes against property such as breaking and entering, and theft, were down 10 per cent overall last year, which significantly contributed to the decrease of one per cent in the crime severity, despite there having been four murders in the city. “For Sherbrooke, that is a lot,” McConnell said, adding that the killings were all independent of one another and not linked to organized crime. See full story in the Wednesday, Oct. 9 edition of The Record.

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