Sherbrooke hands out curfew fines

Record Staff
Sherbrooke hands out curfew fines

Following the imposition of a curfew in Quebec that came into effect on Saturday, Jan. 9, the Sherbrooke police department issued 19 tickets on the night of Jan. 9-10 for not respecting the curfew. That night more than 128 vehicles were stopped. Over 40 people were questioned, and one person was arrested for obstruction, following an anti-curfew demonstration that took place on King Street West.
On the night of Sunday, Jan. 10-11, a total of 16 statements of offence were issued concerning the curfew and four tickets were handed out related to other COVID-19 measures. More than 180 vehicles were stopped, and 58 people were questioned by police during curfew hours.
While it was omitted from the official Sherbrooke police press release regarding curfew infractions, a number of media outlets reported that a married couple was caught on the street around 9 p.m. on Saturday evening near the downtown area in Sherbrooke. As a cheeky form of protest, the wife had her husband on a leash.

According to media reports, they were each fined $1,500.

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