Sherbrooke house targeted by late night gunfire

Sherbrooke house targeted by late night gunfire

By Gordon Lambie


A house in the north end of Sherbrooke was the target of gunfire overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

According to Martin Carrier of the Sherbrooke Police, a call came in about the gunshots on Pascal Street near the Beckett Woods at around 12:45 a.m. Thursday. Although there was one man at home at the time of the event, Carrier said that no one was harmed.

Responding officers created a security perimeter around the house at 1115 Pascale that remained in place throughout the day on Thursday, and a mobile crime-scene laboratory was on site in the early afternoon.

Although Carrier said that the police had no suspects around midday on Thursday and no sense of how the shooter came or went from the scene, he did say that the event is considered to be a targeted attack and not a random event.

“I have no memory of such a thing happening in my time with the SPS,” Carrier said, underlining the rarity of the crime.

The communications officer said that the police have met with people in the neighbouring houses to reassure them of their safety in light of the targeted nature of the attack.

Anyone with information related to the shooting is asked to call 819-821-5555.


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