Sherbrooke invests $2.8 million in heritage buildings

By Gordon Lambie
Sherbrooke invests $2.8 million in  heritage buildings
(Photo : Kathryne Owen)

The City of Sherbrooke will be investing $2,820,000 into the restoration of some of its older buildings, including at least $100,000 for work on the old Lennoxville town hall, which now serves as the borough office.
“It’s going to be more than that because they’re going to renovate the whole basement,” said Borough President Claude Charron, explaining that the structure has been in need of repair for some time. “When you’re in the building and the train goes by, you can feel the whole thing shaking.”
It is not clear when or in what way the work on the building will be carried out, although information from the city states that the heritage renovation investments will take place over the next three years.
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