Sherbrooke-made candle-holders become an American must-have

By Marianne Lassonde, Special to The Record
Sherbrooke-made candle-holders become an American must-have
(Photo : Courtesy)

When Julie Morissette and her husband, Jean-Philippe Bombardier, first opened their Etsy shop, they had no idea how their passion-project would fair online – or if it would take off at all. But in 2020, La Fabrique Déco went from 60 orders a year to more than 350 in a few months.
The pair began making wooden decorations as a hobby, to add a touch of handmade to their home – but they quickly saw a business opportunity in the pastime.
“We always did so many things for our home and our friends, but we were not selling anything,” said Morissette.
In 2015, after losing her job, Morissette jumped headfirst into the Etsy pool and began their artisanal business. She and her husband started creating wooden lamps and slowly expanded to candle holders, which became La Fabrique Déco’s bestseller.

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Editor’s note: this article was modified from its original version.

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