Sherbrooke Mayor steps back

Sherbrooke Mayor steps back
Sherbrooke Mayor Évelyne Beaudin answers reporters’ questions after stepping down as head of the Sherbrooke Citoyen party and announcing she will not seek re-election as mayor in 2025 (Photo : William Crooks)

Beaudin steps down as head of Sherbrooke Citoyen party, will not seek re-election for mayor

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

Sherbrooke Mayor Évelyne Beaudin announced May 3 her decision not to seek re-election in the November 2025 municipal elections. She intends to complete her current term to fulfill commitments made to the citizens of Sherbrooke.

Concurrently, she will resign from her position as leader of the Sherbrooke Citoyen party. The interim leadership of the party will be assumed by councillor Geneviève La Roche until a new party leader is elected.

Surrounded by reporters and backed by Citoyen elected officials at City Hall, Beaudin expressed her dedication to founding a new political party and to the profound reform of municipal governance, stating her belief in her suitability for the tasks she undertook during her term.

She mentioned that it seemed prudent to make way for a new mayor who can bring different talents and strengths, as well as a fresh approach to meet the evolving needs of the city. She remains confident and committed to honoring her avowed obligations to the populace until the end of her term in November 2025.

Beaudin also advocated for a thorough and expanded reflection on local democracy and reiterated the need for a consultation commission throughout Quebec to lay the groundwork for reforming local democratic institutions.

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