Sherbrooke native on international stage

Sherbrooke native on international stage

By Bird Bouchard


For Sherbrooke’s Catherine Nadon, sports and medals are more than just a passion – they’re her life.

Growing up, Nadon played many sports and dreamed of having her moment on an Olympic podium. She wondered what it would feel like to have the weight of a gold medal hanging around her neck as she represents her country.

Simply put, Nadon was an athlete with a dream.

During her University years, she transferred to Europe and played two years of professional soccer. When her career came to a close, she returned to Sherbrooke, got into refereeing, and became a coach. She always loved competition and sports in general. However, she had a burning desire to be a part of something larger than life.

When the 2010 Olympics were announced for Vancouver, Nadon knew she had an opportunity to change her life forever.

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