Sherbrooke school sharing a table with local community

By Gordon Lambie
Sherbrooke school sharing a table with local community
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

Students from Sherbrooke’s Ecollectif school in the Ascot neighbourhood treated immigrant families in their community to a special lunchtime meal of spaghetti, stew, shepherd’s pie, and macaroni salad on Tuesday at the Baobab café on Dunant Street.

According to Charlie Legris, sixth grade Class President at the school, every class at Ecollectif participated in the project leading up to the day of the meal, making the trip to the community café to prepare different courses in the kitchen on-site with the help of the staff. On Tuesday some of the students then made their way to the café to meet with the families and better get to know each other.

“Everyone gave of their time to contribute to this project,” Legris said, attributing the idea for the exchange to one of the teachers at the school. “It was really fun.”

The families who came to eat also received a recipe book of all the meals that were prepared to be able to reproduce the meal if desired.

The students and community members also heard from Nadja Guay from l’Accorderie de Sherbrooke, an organization based in the offices of the Baobab café that encourages people to share time, talent, and knowledge with one another in free exchange. Guay invited members of the families eating to come up and share some of their home recipes in the spirit of l’Accorderie’s work.

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