Sherbrooke serving up a big PoutineFest

Sherbrooke serving up a big PoutineFest
(Photo : Grand Foodfest Facebook page)

Record Staff

The Grand PoutineFest will be coming to Sherbrooke from Sept. 3 to 5 for a festival celebrating Quebec’s signature dish.
Since 2014, the Grand Foodfest, which includes Poutinefest, Ribfest and Macfest (gourmet mac n’ cheese), has been offering family and gourmet events where a wide variety of unique food options are offered by street food trucks throughout Quebec, with the goal of raising funds for a local cause. More than 25 organizations have benefited from the profits from the sale of poutines, alcoholic beverages and merchandise over the past six years. The famous trucks include Smoking BBQ, Charlie’s Shack, Cantine chez Henri, Greg’s Dinner, Smoking Dragon and Mama Caliente.
The Sherbrooke PoutineFest will take place outside to allow visitors to enjoy original and exotic poutines while respecting public health rules.
At the Centre des Foires, six famous food trucks will offer 20 different combinations of fries, gravy and squeak-squeak cheese, in vegan versions or topped with ribs, pulled pork, bacon, sausage, general tao chicken, crispy tofu and more. In addition to the multitude of gourmet poutines, refreshments including Archibald products or homemade lemonade are also available. For those with a sweet tooth, the Cabane à chichis will offer its famous churros.
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