Sherbrooke Taxis ­transfers dispatch centre; ten locals out of work

By newsroom
Sherbrooke Taxis ­transfers dispatch centre;  ten locals out of work

The Taxis Sherbrooke closed its dispatch center unexpectedly Sunday night.
Employees were notified by phone on Sunday afternoon and told to come in to pick up any personal belongings.
Approximately ten people have lost their jobs.
Calls are now being picked up by an Ottawa call center.
A rumor that the central dispatch centre, located on Belvedère South, could be transferred had been circulating for a few months, and the numerous requests for meetings from the employees’ union, the CSD, remained unanswered.
According to union counselor Yves Vigneault, the decision came as a shock. He added that dispatchers work closely with drivers to provide efficient service during peak hours must be familiar with the territory.
The dismissed employees were scheduled to meet on Monday night for a special general assembly.
The goal of the meeting will be to see what measures could be taken to protest the taxi company’s decision to lay off Sherbrooke workers and outsource the jobs.

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