Sherbrooke then and now: The CHUS Fleurimont

By Gordon Lambie
Sherbrooke then and now: The CHUS Fleurimont
(Photo : Gordon Labmie)

My favourite photos in the Record’s archives are the ones where there is a structure or place that is clearly recognizable and yet noticeably different, and I think this photo of the CHUS-Fleurimont is a perfect example.
Still under construction in the older shot, the hospital stands alone among fields and much younger forest, with the only other structure visible the small hint of the Beauvoir Sanctuary on the left-hand side. Today, that same basic structure exists, now covered in antennae and the vents from countless laboratory spaces, but it is surrounded by more secondary structures and expansions than can fit into the frame. The emergency department blocks the view of the church in the background, and the vast parking lot has consumed much of the field in front of the building. See full story in the Wednesday, July 11 edition of The Record.

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