Sherbrooke tightens the leash for dog owners

Record Staff

The City of Sherbrooke modified its bylaws regarding dogs this week to take into account changes to the province’s Act to promote the protection of persons by establishing a framework with regard to dogs.
As a part of the change, dogs of 20 kg or more must be equipped with a halter or harness and be on a leash of no more than 1.85 meters when out for a walk.
A dog can now be declared dangerous by the City if it has bitten or attacked a person, causing death or serious injury, or following a behavioral assessment by a veterinarian. Behavioral assessment of a dog performed by a veterinarian is mandatory when a bite has caused a laceration of the skin requiring medical intervention. It may also be required as soon as there are reasonable grounds to believe that the dog constitutes a risk to public health or safety.
A dog declared dangerous must be euthanized, and it is possible for the City to compel its owner to relinquish custody of any other dog and to prohibit him from owning, acquiring, keeping or breeding a dog for a specified period.
More information on the rule change, including amounts of possible fines, is available online (in French only) at


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