Sherbrooke to honour Normandy Veterans in ceremony at War Memorial

Sherbrooke to honour Normandy Veterans in ceremony at War Memorial

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

In honour of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Normandy landings, a ceremony will be held June 6 at 11:30 a.m. at the War Memorial on King Street. The event aims to commemorate the contributions of Canadian forces in World War II, particularly those from Sherbrooke.

Gilles Viger, vice president of the Comité des vétérans des Cantons de l’Est, who was involved in the ceremony’s planning, explained to The Record June 5 that Sherbrooke’s participation is significant given its historical contributions. The ceremony will feature the deposition of a wreath and a few words from a local Padre to honour the veterans.

The event holds personal significance for many in the community. Viger shared that his father, a Normandy veteran, survived the war but experienced post-traumatic stress.

“He lived through rough times and spoke of his post-traumatic experiences,” Viger said.

Viger emphasized the importance of recognizing the sacrifices made by veterans and the need for continued support.

“We need to be supporting our veterans more than ever,” he insisted, “these men and women have given us the world we have now.”

The ceremony is also a moment to reflect on the current global situation, said Viger, who referenced ongoing conflicts such as the war in Ukraine and the Hamas/Israel conflict. Viger highlighted the importance of public awareness and the need for solidarity in the face of these challenges.

“We live in a rather dangerous world,” he remarked, underlining the relevance of such commemorations.

Local officials and veterans will attend the ceremony, with police presence ensuring a secure environment. The public is encouraged to join and pay their respects to those who served during a pivotal moment in history. Viger expressed gratitude for the community’s support and hopes for a meaningful commemoration.

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