Sherbrooke urges caution in Tuesday morning snow

By Gordon Lambie

In advance of a snowfall of 15 to 20 cm predicted for Monday night and Tuesday morning over southern Quebec, the City of Sherbrooke urged its citizens to act with caution and care.
“We are on weather watch. All the forecasts talk about a significant snowfall, but over a long period of time,” said Guylaine Boutin, the city’s Deputy General Manager for Community Relations on Monday morning. Although she said that the longer period of time for the snowfall likely means the snow clearing will be more manageable, Boutin did note that there are significant wind gusts expected along with the snow on Tuesday morning. “We will continue to follow the weather reports closely.” Given that the announcement was being made in advance of the storm, the Deputy General Manager put her focus on asking the residents of Sherbrooke for their cooperation by not parking their cars on the street overnight. See full story in the Tuesday, Nov. 12 edition of The Record.

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