Sherbrooke’s patrols focused on water this summer

By Aiden Wilson, Special to The Record
Sherbrooke’s patrols focused on water this summer
(Photo : Courtesy)

The City of Sherbrooke held a press conference on Thursday to highlight the work of its Patrouille Verte and Patrouille Blue this summer, putting the focus in the effort to make a more eco-friendly city on water.
“Sherbrooke has had the Patrouille since 2003,” said Nathalie Perron, a leader of the environmental projects. “In the beginning, we mainly only focused on regulation involving the external use of drinking water, but we quickly realized there was a lot of interest in Patrouille, and started expanding. Since last year we split off into the two divisions with two distinct purposes; green focuses on drinking water, pesticides, ecology, and blue focuses on the health of our water bodies and preventing invasive species.”
Many of the workers for the Patrouille are university students, they mentioned, with most having backgrounds in subjects like biology, geology and teaching.They have 14 workers and two coordinators this year citing growth in numbers available to them over the last couple of years.
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