Sherbrooke’s quantum leap

Sherbrooke’s quantum leap
Premier Francois Legault spoke on the significance of the new quantum laboratory to Quebec’s future

Espace Quantique 1 inaugurated in DistriQ’s Quantum Innovation Zone, Premier talks future

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

Sherbrooke’s Quantum Innovation Zone witnessed a significant advancement Nov. 24 with the opening of Espace Quantique 1 (EQ1) and the Quantum Technology Development Laboratory (DevTeQ). As a hub of innovation and a global showcase, EQ1 aims to be the forefront of Sherbrooke and Quebec’s quantum technology sector, extending its influence across Canada and North America. This development closely follows the introduction of IBM Quantum System One by PINQ2 last September. Quantum technology uses the findings of quantum science, which studies the fundamental building blocks of nature, and applies it to a wide range of areas, including computing, defense, and communications. Premier Francois Legault spoke at the inauguration and detailed its significance for Quebec’s future.

EQ1 spans 50,000 square feet, and is exclusively devoted to quantum technology. EQ1 offers a collaborative environment for startups, companies, and other entities in the field, with private offices and co-working spaces. A prominent feature of the facility is the 20,000 square foot DevTeQ, a shared world-class laboratory. This unique space will host around fifteen companies and partners, bringing together over a hundred top-tier professionals. EQ1 not only facilitates access to cutting-edge lab equipment for quantum technology development but also accelerates its industry adoption.

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