Shoreline Press’s internship opportunity

Shoreline Press’s internship opportunity
Angela Leuck, owner of Shoreline Press (Photo : Priscilla Allatt)

By Priscilla Allatt
Special to The Record

In May 2020, Angela Leuck bought Shoreline Press and moved it to Hatley. The move alone was a significant accomplishment, but Leuck is not stopping there; she has a lot more in store for her press. This year she has taken on not one, not two but 21 interns from Bishops University.
“I’ve worked with unpaid volunteers before, and usually there is a big drop-off, so I decided to take everyone who expressed interest,” said Leuck, “yet, only four have dropped off, and four new ones have joined.”. So, with this surprisingly large interest, Leuck has found herself this summer giving a weekly one-hour zoom class to 21 interns who, according to her, are all very happy and excited to be a part of this experience. The course she is walking them through is an introduction to publishing course, containing 14 hours of information and the chance for each intern to work on their very own book.

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