Signed, sealed, delivered, she’s retired!

Signed, sealed, delivered, she’s retired!

Postmaster reflects on 40 years with Canada Post

By Bird Bouchard

A local Postmaster is set to retire following a 40-year career with Canada Post.

Serving as Postmaster, Julia Kydd Richard has been responsible for managing the North Hatley Post Office for the past 13 years.

“I’m in charge of employees, the incoming and outgoing mail, serving the customers, knowing the products, knowing the computer system, doing the finance for the office, and keeping things running. If somebody’s absent, I find replacements,” said Richard, explaining her role as Postmaster.

Richard said the North Hatley post office has two rural routes and one in town. Unlike in Sherbrooke, the mail in North Hatley doesn’t come pre-sorted. She noted each morning she and her colleagues sort the mail by hand, which can take a few hours.

“You have to know your addresses so when you sort the mail, you know if it’s rural route one, in town or if it’s rural route two,” explained Richard.


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