Ski hills want a reprieve from electricity rates

Record Staff
Ski hills want a reprieve from electricity rates

The Association of Quebec ski resorts (ASSQ) is urging the Quebec government and Hydro-Québec to lighten the burden on its members in the context of the heavy rain that hit Quebec at Christmas.
Resort owners who have invested heavily in sanitary measures this year, have seen all their efforts since October to put the season on track virtually wiped out.
Some regions broke precipitation records at Christmas with more than 150 millimetres of rainfall, forcing the temporary closure of ski resorts and for some, a prolonged closure indefinitely.
According to Yves Juneau, President and CEO of the ASSQ, resort owners have never experienced such a major rainstorm as the one on Dec. 24 and 25. “Many ski resorts are equipped with powerful snowmaking systems, but many of them require negative temperatures to operate their snow guns properly. We now need to get those cannons up and running again to provide snow-covered playgrounds for Quebecers who are thirsty for winter sports more than ever,” Juneau explained in a press release.

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