Skiers under ­surveillance

By Gordon Lambie
Skiers under ­surveillance

Philippe Larose, the digital and video artist, has been opening eyes to the world of automated surveillance this past winter in an unusual way. In partnership with Bromont: Montagne d’experiences, the ski hill in Bromont, he has been setting up an interactive installation on a ski trail that tracks passersby with a series of automated spotlights.
“It is an interactive installation on snow,” Larose explained. “As the skiers go down the beam detects them and turns red, tracking them along the way.”
Though Larose is working on making a name for himself as a DJ and visual artist, he explained that he has also worked in the past as a ski coach at Bromont. Using the knowledge he already had of the hill and drawing on things he had learned about the world of digital surveillance from university courses, the artist designed the light-based artwork and took the idea to the mountain as a proposal for their regular “Nuit Blanche” late-night skiing experiences.
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