Snowmobiling moving from a sport to a luxury

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Snowmobiling moving from a sport to a luxury
(Photo : Johnathan Houle)

Snowmobiling, to many Townshippers, is one of the many enjoyable winter activities across the region. With the numerous trails that weave through the countryside connecting towns and rural areas, snowmobiling has deep history as both a pastime and a mode of transportation. However, recent changes have caused concern over the activity’s future.

One of the problems noticed recently is how expensive getting into snowmobiling can be.

“You can buy a new machine now for $20,000-$30,000 on the high end,” said Jeff Cheal, a local snowmobile enthusiast. “You can buy a pretty nice car for that amount of money.”

Of course, there are cheaper models and other second-hand options, but instability in the market has affected pricing. “Recently, the second-hand snowmobile market has become like the truck market,” said Cheal. “The shortage of chips in the market, as well as general supply being down has caused the prices of second-hand machines to go up quite a bit because more people want the machines.”
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