Songs of the world, a journey on planet earth

Songs of the world,  a journey on  planet earth

Record Staff

Arts-Cultures Massawippi’s next production features Les Sangs Mêlés, an a cappella vocal ensemble featuring six exceptional women, accompanied for the first time by a South American musician. The concert will take place Sunday, Oct. 15 at 3:30 p.m. (preceded by a singing workshop at 11 a.m.) at Église St-Barnabas, 640 Sherbrooke, North Hatley.
To curious souls and ears eager for discovery, Les Sangs Mêlés will take listeners to the four corners of the world, through bewitching rhythms, exotic languages and enthralling chords
“We sing for the pleasure of singing, and to share the immense wealth of songs from around the world. Through these songs, our group embraces the history of joy, victory and hardship of many peoples, and proudly champions their cause. The very name Sangs Mêlés reflects the cultural cross-fertilization of our international repertoire, rooted in traditional music,” explained choir member Marie-Chantal Corbeil in a press release.
The fascinating voices of the choir are supported by an exceptional knowledge of over 20 languages, taking us on a journey through the souls of the world’s peoples, including Mi’kmaq, Mayans, Chileans, Cubans, Argentinians, Ghanaians, Spaniards, Finns, Ukrainians and Togolese, among others, and this time in Quebecois.
Those interested can take advantage of a pre-concert singing workshop to join the group for a song. A networking event with complimentary coffee or tea and the chance of meeting the artists will follow the concert.
Like all Arts-Cultures Massawippi activities, friendliness and quality go hand in hand in a venue on a human scale, offering acoustics remarkably well-suited to female voices, enchanting the heart
and mind.

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