SPA Estrie reports less abandoned pets in the Townships as previous years

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SPA Estrie reports less abandoned pets  in the Townships as previous years
(Photo : Emilie Hackett)

By Emilie Hackett, Special to the Record – The late June and early July moving period indicates for many the beginning of the summer season, but at the Société Protectrice des Animaux de l’Estrie (SPA), it also means an influx of abandoned and lost pets. The Record spoke with volunteers and the SPA’s communication officer, Marie-Pier Quirion, to understand how they tackle this annual phenomenon. “As of today, we haven’t received any calls concerning animals that are abandoned in homes and found by new tenants. We have found that the moving period becomes less and less a period of abandonment, but we are extremely busy from May to October,” she said. “It seems as though, so far, Townshippers have been more efficiently organized in their moving. We receive less dogs as the years go by, and although there is a decrease for abandoned cats, it’s not as significant, as there are overpopulation problems and larger litters.” Some situations, however, have required creative solutions. “We have the temporary custody of animals from four families in Sherbrooke that were unable to find new apartments once their lease expired,” indicated Quirion. “There are three dogs and four cats that we are taking care of while these families work hard to find a place for them to relocate. It is a last resort solution that we came up with for families who were truly desperate.” See full story in the Wednesday, July 3 edition of The Record.

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