SPA Estrie rolls out new farm cat adoption program

By Michael Boriero
SPA Estrie rolls out new farm cat  adoption program

With the number of stray and abandoned cats continuing to rise in the Eastern Townships, the Société protectrice des animaux (SPA) Estrie, the region’s animal protection organization, has decided to run a new program in an effort to boost adoption rates.
According to SPA Estrie Communications Officer Alexane Bégin, the organization took in 1,600 cats between January and August. In 2021, they amassed a total of 2,416 stray and abandoned cats. The Farm Cat Adoption Program is one way they are fighting to fix the issue.
“Some other SPA’s in Quebec have that program and we decided to put it in place here in the Estrie because we receive thousands of cats every year, but many cannot be placed for adoption in regular families because they are too feral or fearful,” Bégin told The Record.
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