Special wreath ceremony honouring Canada’s British Home Children in Bury

By Taylor McClure
Special to The Record

Joel Barter of the Bury Historical Society, with the support of the British Home Children Advocacy and Research Association (BHCARA), will be laying a special wreath in honour of Canada’s British Home Children in Bury on Sat., Nov. 6, at 2 p.m. at the Armoury.
This is the first wreath of its kind to be laid in Quebec.
According to Barter, a plan is in the works for the wreath to tour throughout the Eastern Townships.
The British Home Children were a part of a child migration scheme that involved sending children in dire circumstances in the United Kingdom to live abroad with Canadian farm families. The majority of the children suffered abuse, neglect, and harsh labour conditions at the hands of their new families. Being torn from their loved ones had an everlasting impact.
Their stories are now being recognized.
“I was in contact with Judy Neville (member of BHCARA) and Lori Oschefski (CEO BHCARA) more and more,” Barter explained, speaking often on a monthly basis. “Judy is the one that brought it up,” said Barter, regarding the wreath. “I asked her if she knew if there was one laid in Quebec, and Judy and Lori came back to me and said there was never one laid.”

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