Spike in donations keeps thrift stores busy

By Marianne Lassonde, Special to The Record
Spike in donations keeps thrift stores busy
(Photo : Guylaine Ruest)

People lined up outside of thrift stores this week with bags of donations and a desire for second hand goods. For the Comptoir Familial de Sherbrooke, however, most of the action took place in the back of the store.
According to the general director Guylaine Ruest, the non-profit remained opened for donations all throughout the second lockdown and allowed for socially distanced drop offs. In Sherbrooke, it was one of the only non-profits accepting donations all throughout January.
People looking to donate clothes, books, children’s toys and other knick-knacks would place their donations on the balcony and employees, geared with gloves and a mask, would bring the donations inside to be quarantined.
“We wanted to make sure that all objects that could be reused were not going to landfills,” said Ruest.

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