Spring roads

Spring roads
Jason Badger, who is responisble for Melbourne Township’s gravel roads (Photo : Nick Fonda)

By Nick Fonda

If you’re finding the back roads in surprisingly good shape this spring, you’re not alone. Jason Badger, who has been responsible for Melbourne Township’s 100 km of gravel roads for the last 17 years, concurs. Although he’s a little more guarded in his phrasing.
“Spring is just starting, and who knows what might happen yet?” he warns. “However, I would agree that winter is ending with the back roads in better condition than is normally the case. They are in pretty good shape.”
This happy occurrence is due to a number of factors, including, to a slight extent, the Covid pandemic.
“There has been less traffic on the roads this last year,” Jason notes. “I’ve also found that drivers have been more respectful and more patient since the pandemic.”
“But the principal factors that have left the roads in good shape are weather related,” he continues. “Last summer and last fall were both relatively dry, with less rainfall to potentially cause damage. Our winter wasn’t as cold this year and the frost didn’t penetrate the ground as deeply. As well, it helped that we got snow cover on the ground before we got any serious cold. All of these things meant that the roads haven’t heaved as much this year.”

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