Spring season for Sanders Farm

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Spring season for Sanders Farm
(Photo : Courtesy Sanders Farm)

Started in 1974 by Russel Pocock and later joined by his wife Thérèse, Sanders Farm was founded on the principles of growing food organically without damaging nature. After many difficult years of hard work, the farm soon found success, becoming Quebec’s first certified organic farm, an accomplishment they keep dear to their heart as they prepare for their 48th spring season.

Though there are no corps to tend to, winter is still a busy season at Sander’s Farm. From cleaning and packaging the vegetables held in their cold rooms to performing maintenance on the equipment during their downtime, winter is still quite hectic for Pocock and the labourers, especially during this time of year as they begin their preliminary planting.
The first planting takes place in a small section of their warehouse where “greenhouse crops” such as tomatoes and cucumbers are planted first. “We have a seed germinator, which is a big walk-in closet with florescent lights where we start all of our first seedlings,” explained Pocock, adding “It’s much easier to start them there than opening up a greenhouse this time of year.”
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