SPS warns public of grandparents scam

SPS warns public of grandparents scam

By Bird Bouchard

With March being fraud prevention month, the Sherbrooke Police Service is reminding the public how important good vigilance practices are in helping prevent fraud.

According to Martin Carrier, Public Relations Officer with the Sherbrooke Police Department, many Sherbrooke residents have fallen victim to scams in the last couple of weeks.

“There have been a lot of scams going on in the past month. Be on the lookout for red flags,” said Carrier.

The Public Relations officer said in Sherbrooke, the majority of complaints are part of a phone scam targeting grandparents.

“In these scams, people call, speak fast and say they’re the grandson or granddaughter. They say they’ve been arrested or in an accident and they need money fast,” explained Carrier.


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