St.George’s of Georgeville going strong at 150

By Gordon Lambie
St.George’s of Georgeville going strong at 150

The community of St. George’s Anglican Church in Georgeville will be celebrating their church’s 150th anniversary this coming Sunday morning. A special service of celebration and communion will be conducted starting at 10am, followed by a reception at the Murray Memorial Hall during which more memories will be shared

John Hoblyn, one of the church wardens, explained that the service commemorates not just the age of the church, but also the significant restoration work that has been done over the last year in order to help ensure that the church can continue to be a part of the local community for many years to come.

“We’ve just been through a big renovation which has been paid for, seventy percent of it, by the government,” Hoblyn said, noting that the cost of the work exceeded $250,000 in total. “We’ve got a new roof, we’ve completely painted the outside, and the foundations were very dodgy. It’s a very thorough job and it looks fantastic.”

Read the full story in Thursday’s Record.

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