St. Pat’s Camp progress report and open house

By Matthew McCully


The St. Pat’s Camp in Stoke, formerly operated by the St. Pat’s Old Boys Association (SPOBA), will hold an open house on Saturday and offer a progress report on the plan to convert the camp to accommodate disabled youth and potentially serve as a paralympic training facility.
In September of 2016, SPOBA voted unanimously in favour of merging the historic Stoke summer camp and its assets with the Quebec Society for Disabled Children (SEHQ-now la Fondation Papillon).
Since then the property has undergone a major overhaul, leaving Stoke residents and former SPOBA members wondering what has become of the camp.
According to Larry Pye, SPOBA President at the time of the devolution, everything is going according to plan.
“The main dining hall is now a parking lot,” Pye said, “Down near the water the cabins are all gone,” he added.
While the site is a shadow of its former self, Pye assured the vision agreed upon when the camp was transferred to la Fondation Papillon, is on track.


See full story in August 14 edition of The Record

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