Stanstead game shop to host Beyblade tournament

By Michael Boriero
Stanstead game shop to host Beyblade tournament

Beyblade, a popular Japanese line of spinning-top toys from the late 1990s-early 2000s, is making a resurgence around the world, and local enthusiasts in the Eastern Townships are hoping to generate interest in Stanstead this weekend.
Louis-Philippe Laplante created Beyparc QC, a competitive sports league in Quebec, in 2019 to bring Beyblade fans together in the province. On Saturday, the Taverne du Gamer, a local game shop, will host a friendly tournament celebrating the 20th anniversary of Beyblade. Laplante will be there to explain the rules and answer questions about the sport.
According to Laplante, he has already developed a strong following in the province. However, this is the first time that he will be running a tournament in Stanstead. He wants to make this a regular event throughout the Eastern Townships, including Sherbrooke.

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