Stanstead takes action after recent fire

Stanstead takes action after recent fire
(Photo : William Crooks)

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

The Public Safety Committee in Stanstead held a pivotal meeting May 30, focusing on a comprehensive review of a recent fire incident in the town and laying out a series of future safety measures. The fire last month at an apartment building on Dufferin Street left 16 residents displaced and involved a citizen-led rescue from a second story window before firefighters arrived.

This session was crucial in dissecting the city’s emergency response and pinpointing areas that require enhancements to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents. Mayor Jody Stone and General Manager Hughes Ménard reported on the meeting and its results during the town council’s June 10 monthly public gathering.

The May 30 meeting commenced with a thorough post-mortem analysis of the recent fire incident, which had raised significant concerns among the town’s citizens. The committee meticulously examined what aspects of the emergency response were effective and what areas fell short of expectations. This introspective review led to several recommendations aimed at bolstering the city’s emergency preparedness and response capabilities.

One of the key outcomes of this analysis was the proposal to integrate new members into the Public Safety Committee. These individuals bring critical expertise and hands-on experience in managing emergencies such as fires and other disasters, making them invaluable additions to the committee. Chris Goodsell, the Fire Chief of Station 1, and Mylène Labonté, the Director of the Centre d’action bénévole de Stanstead, were nominated to join the committee.

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