Stanstead’s water comes up clear

Stanstead’s water comes up clear
(Photo : William Crooks)

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

The Town of Stanstead recently announced its water has tested of excellent quality, along with the adoption of a resolution on a bid to remove sludge from its water system. The town undertakes annual waterworks maintenance to enhance its infrastructure and improve environmental hygiene.

Details of the process were revealed at the town’s monthly meeting May 13 amidst discussions on competitive service bids and advanced measurement techniques to optimize future operations. Mayor Jody Stone presided over the meeting with five residents in attendance.

Flushing the sludge

Stanstead is currently undertaking its annual maintenance of the waterworks network, which involves a meticulous flushing process to rid the system of build-up. During the meeting, it was disclosed that the town had received a competitive service offer from Quali-D’eau priced at $14,950 before tax.

Considering the town’s history of satisfactory results with past services, a motion was proposed to the council to accept an alternative service offer from the company Simo for the same task at the same price.

In a related matter, the council discussed the contractual needs for sludge measurement at the wastewater treatment plants serving the Beebe and Stanstead regions. This involves managing the draining of aerated basins, a critical task for maintaining the operational integrity of the treatment facilities. The town again had received a service bid from the company Simo.

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