Strange Sports in the Townships: Disc Golf

By Gordon Lambie
Strange Sports in the Townships: Disc Golf
(Photo : Peter Lizotte)

For many, summertime is synonymous with heading out onto the golf course. As it turns out, this is true even for some people who have never touched a golf club in their life. Disc Golf takes the rules and general principles of golf, and applies them to the Frisbee, or flying disc. Peter Lizotte told The Record that his love affair with the sport dates back 43 years to when he first encountered it in Arvida in the 1970s. “It was an improbable place,” Lizotte said, explaining that the community, which was normally quite sheltered from trends in the rest of the world, was briefly home to a pair of children from California who brought with them a sport then known as “natural obstacle” where players attempted to hit chosen landmarks with their flying disc. “I just loved it,” he said, explaining that he kept playing the game as he learned it in Quebec until he moved to British Columbia and encountered his first “real” disc golf course at Queen Elizabeth park in Vancouver. Lizotte said that he quickly got right into the sport, drawn in not just by the fun of the game but also by the way it drew people out of urban environments and into nature. See full story in the Thursday, July 11 edition of The Record.

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