Strange sports in the townships: underwater hockey

By Gordon Lambie
Strange sports in the townships: underwater hockey
(Photo : Courtesy)

There’s no way that anyone in Canada could get away with calling hockey a strange sport.
But what if it is being played underwater?
Jean-Sébastien Savard, who manages the underwater hockey club at the Université de Sherbrooke, explained that even if it is far less well-known than its icy cousin, his sport is not new in this area or in the world.
Research reveals some disagreement about the origin of underwater hockey, with The World Underwater Federation claiming that it was an invention of the British Navy as a way of keeping sailors fit, while the British Octopush association attributes it to Alan Blake of the Southsea British Sub Aqua Club, who says it was a way of keeping newly formed skindiving clubs engaged while confined to swimming pools during the winter.

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